One thought on “Robo’s R2 and C2 Printers are Easy to Use Out of the Box at CES 2017

  • Didn’t mention what materials it uses – non-“green” abs and/or “green” pla. The thing about 3D printing is even as prices drop so is the market; it is a dog. As an investor dabbler I bailed last year and saved a ton. There is no “killer app” nor a “killer reason” for these yet. Even if you could get a half decent 3D scanner to help create parts or things (and you can’t – the scanners aren’t of the printer resolution !!) it wouldn’t help create 3D files you have in your head.
    The use of Keytone vapor piped into a jar to smooth out ABS prints is pretty interesting,but so are the other 3D technologies like the sintering ones and the ones that lift a ‘table’ up through a vat of liquid plastic hardening via UV layer by layer as the platen rises up with the ‘print’.
    Then there’s the 3D printed 3D printer; and the fold-ees one that you pop together. All cheap and all work fine. Nope. Not yet.

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