Easily Send Greeting Cards With StoryChips

Easily Send Greeting Cards With StoryChips

Want to send greeting cards from your iPhone? Enter StoryChips, a new, out of the box way to send messages. Now just how does this work? How about just three easy steps. 1. Select a card and stickers from the StoryChips website or a retail shop and scan its QR code to activate. 2. Activating the code allows you to create a story from your phone. You can include videos, text and pictures. 3. When your friend receives the card and stickers and scans the QR code, she can see the personal story you created just for her. You can even choose a setting that allows her to be the only one who can see it. StoryChips has a card and stickers for any occasion. Whatever message you would have normally sent with an ordinary card is now more personal, and clearly more fun, courtesy of StoryChips. App Store: StoryChips – Free

Check It Out: Easily Send Greeting Cards With StoryChips

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