Nike Training Club is Now on Apple Watch

Nike Training Club is Now on Apple Watch

I’m glad to see that Nike Training Club is now on the Apple Watch. Although I don’t have my watch anymore, I do use Nike Training Club on my iPhone so that I can do bodyweight workouts at home. It’s a great app and I recommend it.

What’s to be expected? A Nike Training Club workout is started on the phone and then the Apple Watch allows for easy check of time or reps remaining on a drill. It also delivers haptic prompts, which signal the beginning of the next drill and run until the workout is complete.

The Nike Training Club (NTC) app will be available globally on the Apple Watch beginning July 25. All 180+ workouts currently available on the NTC app will be supported by the Apple Watch.

App Store: Nike Training Club – Free

Check It Out: Nike Training Club is Now on Apple Watch

One thought on “Nike Training Club is Now on Apple Watch

  • Andrew:

    Many thanks for highlighting this. I was not aware this was now on the AW.

    I must admit that I’ve used Nike Training Club less frequently, now that Nike have discontinued their Nike Fuel Band, and the AW doesn’t record those units. Still, some of these, particularly the core exercises, are terrific and particularly great for travellers.

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