People want to roll. Well, really, people want to hover. OK, people really want to fly. Like, for reals. But people really want to roll while they wait for the floaty-flying options. Here in the Bay Area, you can’t walk down the street without tripping over a rentable electric scooter, and non-hovering hoverboards were all the rage until everyone learned that they sucked. Segway, the original self-balancing people mover company, is looking to take this trend further with e-Skates. More specifically, the company introduced the Segway Drift W1 line of e-Skates. These are essentially self-balancing wheels you strap to your feet. Only you don’t strap them on, you just sort of stand on them and go. I can’t imagine what could go wrong. Dean Kamen hasn’t been involved with Segway since 2010, but the company’s technology is still awesome, and these might just be the bee’s knees. They haven’t shipped yet, but TechCrunch reported they’ll be priced at $399.

Check It Out: Segway Has Self-Balancing ‘e-Skates’ Coming

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