Star Trek: Discovery season 1 was pretty awesome, and the trailer for season 2 makes it look like we have plenty to look forward to when new episodes start airing in early 2019. We get to meet Captain Christopher Pike, who commanded the USS Enterprise before James Kirk, and he looks pretty bad-ass. We also get a Spock reference, Tilly being awesome at math, a lot of action, and a new space mystery for the Discovery crew to unravel. Star Trek: Discovery is available only on CBS All Access, so you’ll need a subscription to watch.

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  1. steveald

    As much as I like everything Star Trek and would love to watch this show, I just can’t bring myself to pay extra for CBS All Access when I’m already paying for CBS through my cable provider. Nobody else double-dips like CBS does and they’re not providing anything better than the other networks for the extra charge.

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