With This App You’ll Be Journaling Like a Stoic

With This App You’ll Be Journaling Like a Stoic

I’ve been interested in applying Stoic philosophy to my life for a while, although I haven’t quite taken the plunge yet. That’s why this app caught my eye. This Stoic journaling app gives you daily journaling, meditations, reflection, and mood tracking. It sets you up with morning and evening routines.┬áPrepare in the morning, so that nothing can surprise you during the day; and reflect on your actions in the evening, get better every day, and iterate faster. You’ll learn reflective exercises like negative visualization: Discover how many things you have in your life that you should be grateful for. Things you take for granted. achievements that you forgot a long time ago. You are luckier and more privileged than you think. Quotes from philosophers are available, and see how your journal entries and mood change over time. App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Check It Out: With This App You’ll Be Journaling Like a Stoic

3 thoughts on “With This App You’ll Be Journaling Like a Stoic

  • Been using it for a few days now. I like the journaling, the daily quote, the whole feel of the app. However there is one HUGE flaw. The free version has a good deal of functionality. The pay version adds functionality, like being able to export your journal. I would be willing to pay for the full version. $5 or something like that. However this is rental software. You have to pay $5/month forever for that ability. Not an ongoing service. Not for more content. No, just for the same functions. And no they won’t be improving the App. It is what it is. Is the 2.0 version going to be 50% more enlightened? No, it will be the same as the one I have now. THIS is the poster child for what is wrong with the rental software model. Pay forever, to keep what you have but get nothing new. I would have paid $5 for the app. But this attempted extortion might make me delete it instead.

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