Do you have it when a website’s form blocks Safari’s autocomplete or autofill? Or sites that block control-click access to ordinary Mac services? Or—and why for the love of anything remotely holy or sane—copy/paste? Why on earth do you think it’s OK to stop me from copy/pasting? Like, when you use 1Password to make a 24 character password, but the site won’t let you paste it in for the confirmation field? I saw that one yesterday and about blew a gasket! ::pounds desk in righteous fury:: OK, I’m taking a deep breath, because developer Jeff Johnson has solved this with a Safari Extension called StopTheMadness [via Daring Fireball]. It re-enables all the normal Mac services in Safari, and you control which services you want on a site-by-site-basis if you wish. It’s $5 on the Mac App Store. I bought it immediately.

Check It Out: StopTheMadness Safari Extension Keeps Websites from Blocking Mac Services

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  1. archimedes

    So which Safari/Webkit developers approved this anti-feature allowing web sites to disable normal browser functionality like copy/paste without any way to for the user to restore it? I understand that apps like Google docs might want to bind to cmd-C or cmd-V, but disabling the actual Safari Edit menu items flies in the face of common sense!

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