Talsam is smart jewelry that offers you an intimate way to connect with a loved one. The New York City based team has produced a stylish charm that is designed to enhance your most precious relationships by combining high design with cutting edge technology. Talsam connects to a smartphone using Bluetooth. When its wearer receives a message or animated emoji sent using the Talsam app, the charm lights up like a shooting star to let them know. The wearer can also send an SOS alert that includes their location to an emergency contact by pressing a button on the charm for a few seconds. Talsam is smart jewelry made with fashion in mind. The team spent months carefully constructing every aspect of the charm, to ensure that the end product offers maximum wearability and style. Each of the six charms in the collection is a unique blend of plated stainless steel and semi-precious stone and boasts six Swarovski crystals arranged in the pattern of the Lyra Constellation, a group of stars associated with love and music.

Check It Out: Talsam is Smart Jewelry that Connects You With Loved Ones

Talsam is Smart Jewelry that Connects You With Loved Ones
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