Affinity Designer Comes to iPad

Affinity Designer Comes to iPad

Affinity Designer made a name for itself as a premier vector art app on the Mac, and now it’s available for the iPad. The app is a full-featured as the Mac version, but with an interface designed just for touch. Designer supports Apple Pencil, includes all the design tools you’d expect in a professional desktop vector design app, and exports to popular formats such as PSD, EPS, SVG, PDF, and PNG. Affinity Designer is currently 30% to celebrate its launch so you can pick it up at Apple’s App Store for US$13.99.

Check It Out: Affinity Designer Comes to iPad

3 thoughts on “Affinity Designer Comes to iPad

  • Interesting. I’ve been using Graphic on my Mac and iPad for several years. All the way back to when they called it iDraw before Autodesk bought it. I’;ve loved it. It’s been my go-to drawing app. (Mostly I do vector graphics, with just a little bit of bitmap as needed).I looked at Affinity Designer and decided that ~$20 CDN was worth a look. OMG AD is great. IT’s so much more powerful than Graphic. It can do things Graphic can’t even think about. The drawing tools are great. IT HAS A PAINT BUCKET! It reminds me of Canvas, back when that was all I used. I can see AD replacing Graphic AND Procreate. It has everything I need in one place.

    (Disclaimer: The above is based on a couple of hours experimenting with it. I still have to go through the tutorials and learn how to actually do what I want it to do.)

    1. I am still poking around with it and it is pretty nice. One feature missing that Graphic has is a fill pattern; maybe it is there and I just haven’t found it, but I can not find an entry for it in the manual.

  • I very much prefer Affinity Photo on my Mac and iPad Pro over Pixlemator, but not so much Affinity Designer on my Mac where I prefer Graphic. Of course it is always a horserace between the front runners and I do use them both. Anyway, I will purchase a copy of the iOS Affinity Designer and give it a whirl. What is nice with both companies’ products is how I can use iCloud to keep files and work from either my Mac or iPad.

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