iOS 18 To Get New Eye Bags, Shovel, and Fingerprint Emoji

iOS 18 new emoji

Apple is working on implementing a new set of emojis. From a face with bags under the eyes to a tree without leaves, these recent additions will surely enhance our digital emotions. One of the seven new emojis is a fingerprint. It also has a root vegetable, harp, shovel, and splatter emoji. They were shown in the beta review for Unicode 16, the newest update from the Unicode Consortium, which creates and manages the emoji catalogue.

It includes symbols like fingerprints, root vegetables, harps, shovels, and splatter, among others, that will be added to the emoji collection we all utilize daily on our digital devices. The emoji beta period extends until July 2, when they will receive their final approval and become available for use.

It looks like we have to wait for the new emoji’s. They could be launched alongside by end of 2024 or early 2025. The last time Apple introduced new emojis was when they released the iOS 17.4 update in March 2024. This included various characters such as a lime, an edible brown mushroom, a phoenix and others. These new emojis have already become part of our everyday digital conversations. 
When you use the tired face emoji with bags under the eyes to show exhaustion or the shovel emoji to express a love for gardening, these fresh characters will add flavors to our digital conversations. So, are you eager to use these new emojis? Which one are you most looking forward to?

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