Shazam App Gets Live Activities for Easy Background Music Detection

Shazam headphone mode

Apple updated Shazam, with a new feature called Live Activities. This addition will be essential for people who often do many things at once or multitask and like using different applications. It lets users search for music even when they are using other apps. Imagine you are watching a Netflix video and want to identify the background music. Shazam’s Live Activities will come in handy in such scenarios. 

Shazam got its latest big update in January. The change allowed you to identify songs playing from other apps through your headphones. Now, Apple is integrating it with Shazam’s Live Activities, thus improving the overall experience. 

Apple bought Shazam in 2018 and has been trying to connect it closely with Apple Music, letting people sync their findings directly into Apple Music. Shazam has only become better with the addition of new features such as Live Activities. 

Shazam is available on your iPhone or iPad; you can also access it through Siri commands, on the Mac, and with widgets. This wide variety means that wherever and whatever device one uses, one will always be able to identify the song stuck in one’s mind. Apple introduced its Live Activities API for third-party iPhone apps with iOS 16.1, and developers are now making the most of it. Shazam’s adoption of Live Activities is another example of how the app has evolved to provide interactive experiences that help identify music seamlessly.


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