iPhone 16 Pro Could Support 40W Fast Charging and 20W MagSafe

iphone 16 pro bezels

It’s only a matter of weeks until we see the new iPhone 16 series come to life. As we approach the fall event, we’re learning more details and rumors about the next iPhones, including potential upgrades to charging capabilities.

One such rumor, coming from the Chinese publication ITHome, says that the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will support 40W wired fast charging and 20W MagSafe charging. For reference, the current iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max support 23-27W wired charging, according to multiple tests, and 15W MagSafe charging. So, if these rumors are true, it will be a solid upgrade over their predecessors.

It’s believed that Apple plans to significantly improve the charging capabilities of its Pro models in the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup. However, like other devices that can charge quickly, the speed slows down as the battery gets fuller.

So far, iPhone 16 Pro models debuting with 40W wired and 20W MagSafe charging support seem plausible. Firstly, it’s one of the overdue updates. Secondly, ITHome has a fairly decent track record with such developments.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning to buy a new iPhone, I’d suggest you hold off the purchase and instead wait for the upcoming iPhone 16 series, as the release is barely two months away — or a few weeks — whatever you prefer. As usual, it will debut with the upcoming iOS 18, packed with much-anticipated Apple Intelligence features.

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