iPhone SE 4 Rumored To Debut Under $500 During Spring 2025

iPhone SE 4

iPhones are no doubt one of the most preferred options globally, but one thing may irk some of us. That is, its top-dollar pricing, especially when you’re eyeing an affordable smartphone. That’s where the iPhone SE comes into play, packing the ultimate iOS experience but doesn’t burn your wallet. Though the sad part is that the last one came more than two years ago. 

But keep your hopes high, as we have come across more information regarding the next in the queue, the iPhone SE 4. To be fair, it’s been hitting rumor mills for a while now, with no concrete information. But leaks coming every now and then, shows a sign of progress.

That said, a new leak claims that Apple could be working on maintaining the affordable price tag for the iPhone SE 4 while the company doesn’t compromise much on the specs, according to previous rumors. Tipster Revegnus claims that the next iPhone SE 4 could cost the same as the iPhone SE 3, which is $429, or increase the price by about 10%. Either way, it won’t cost more than $500, which is good pricing if true, given that the iPhone SE series does bring you the best experience at an affordable rate.

iPhone SE 4 Could Debut in Spring 2025

What’s more interesting about the rumored iPhone SE 4 is that it will employ the iPhone 14 chassis, signaling that we might see a Face ID instead of the regular Touch ID. Additional rumors hint at a 6.1-inch OLED display instead of LCD. Regarding the launch timeline, a recent report from The Information noted Apple iPhone SE 4 could be released in the spring of 2025.

Yet, it’s best advised to take this information with a grain of salt until more reports corroborate the claim, or until we draw closer to the official release. Until then, I hope that iPhone SE comes soon, and comes at the rumored below $500 pricing.


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