4 Privacy Features Apple Should Add

Apple has made a good start when it comes to privacy, but there are more private features the company can add. Here are four.

…based on Apple’s marketing focus as of late, which has centered on privacy, it’s reasonable to assume that the company will unveil additional privacy protections for users and their data in its next operating systems. What those privacy protections might be is anyone’s guess–but here are my hopes.

End-to-end encryption for iCloud backups is definitely on my wish list. But it should remain optional, because people who forget their password would be unable to access this kind of backup.

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One thought on “4 Privacy Features Apple Should Add

  • Poor Apple STUCK lying about the fact you can retrieve data from toilet phones. Instead of telling people that their precious memories can be saved they stick to the LIE obviously because of their “privacy” nonsense that their data is gone and can never be retrieved – kick rocks sucker and buy a NEW phone is their response. Horrible horrible disrespect for customers on Apple’s part. Just check Youtube and see how housewives are fixing toilet bowl iPhones all day long making Apple look pretty bad along the way.
    Kids, the Apple ad that says what’s on your iPhone stays on your iPhone (CES) is a frikkin’ LIE – just ask those housewives that are making Apple clones look criminally stupid.

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