The 5G ‘Health Hazard’ Was a Misinterpretation


In 2000 a physicist was asked to study the health risks of wireless networks. He found [PDF] that there “was likely to be a serious health hazard.” Except he was wrong.

In his research, Dr. Curry looked at studies on how radio waves affect tissues isolated in the lab, and misinterpreted the results as applying to cells deep inside the human body. His analysis failed to recognize the protective effect of human skin. At higher radio frequencies, the skin acts as a barrier, shielding the internal organs, including the brain, from exposure. Human skin blocks the even higher frequencies of sunlight.

Despite all the studies showing a link between smartphones and cancer being debunked, I don’t think this idea will ever go away.

Check It Out: The 5G ‘Health Hazard’ Was a Misinterpretation

6 thoughts on “The 5G ‘Health Hazard’ Was a Misinterpretation

  • Andrew:

    John K just made your point. I must slightly disagree; this ‘idea’ may well go away, however as with most generationally held beliefs, only after the entire affected generation dies off. Craniometry and intelligence comes to mind.

    We live in a post-information age in which opinion overrules fact, hearsay trumps data, and anyone with education, knowledge or demonstrable expertise in a given field is disqualified as ‘elitist’ aka ‘a lying SOB who is part of the coverup/conspiracy’, and who should be verbally or bodily dispatched. It’s been thus for thousands of years (see Hypatia of Alexandria

    @John Kheit: Glad to know that you’re still alive and well. I would have been concerned had you made no repost. If ever we require your proof of life, we need only post an article on non-ionising radiation.

    You left out that 5G also causes windmills, which then cause cancer.

    While it’s been said that facts are stubborn things, alternative facts are forever…barring an immediate threat to life from those alternative facts…or therapy.

  • Now that is the very definition of fake news. I’ve listened to people who work on cell towers and other cell network jobs. Most die before they can even get cancer (one of the most dangerous jobs) but if you last long enough you will according to them.

    Now government employees are starting to come forward who work at the body screening stations at the airports in the US (which is 5G as the article above even shows in the graph) and explaining what happens to them and their coworkers health wise. Some have died by being fried from the inside, while others quit just in time to save their life but go through some tremendous health effects since they were being cooked from inside out.

    5G kills even the trees beside the towers, that is why they have to take away the real trees and put in fake trees. They normally die within about a month!
    Never mind the rat tests that don’t even get 6-months of exposure, at half the rate we will be subjected to, and they are full of heart tumours and cancer like scientists have never seen before.

    But by all means keep thinking and believing there is no health hazards or effects from cell phones and their respective towers, including 5G. I’m sure many will love the 5G satellites that will be beaming down 5G across the continent 24 hours a day.

    1. Well as Kelly Guimont likes to say, the plural of anecdotes isn’t data. “ 5G kills even the trees beside the towers, that is why they have to take away the real trees and put in fake trees.“ I look forward to seeing evidence for that claim.

      1. So far, only people seeing it happen with their own eyes and then getting the courage to tell others about it openly. No photos yet (would be difficult to capture anyway and I wouldn’t think of doing that myself since you need before and after photos with time stamps etc.). It only happened once or twice that I am aware of. They are very careful about this when putting them up. It was one of the reasons people saw them putting fake trees near the towers after taking out the real ones for no other reason. Then when they forgot one tree it died and stuck out from the rest. Then they came by and replaced it with a fake tree.

        But I see you took the lowest hanging fruit you could find. Normally I don’t mention the trees since it is just normal people’s testimony but just put it in there as I was in a hurry. Hard to deny DHS employee testimony and other government workers though, aside from all the other evidence from doctors and scientists etc. Not all have sold out but they are demonized etc. the usual treatment for saying something unpopular or against the grain.

        The best evidence to one’s self is when you know people personally. They really open up about their personal experiences and knowledge when they know you won’t call them down for it but you wouldn’t call testimony evidence, so believe what you will. I’ve seen way too much personally (women’s breast with a tumour the same shape and size of the cell phone etc.) and from friends I know, to believe such non-sense as cell phone radiation is perfectly safe and won’t harm you, 5G included.

  • “Despite all the studies showing a link between smartphones and cancer being debunked, I don’t think this idea will ever go away.”

    Yes, but everyone knows that 5G causes vaccines which in turn causes autism. /snark

  • Yea, I’m sure this has no effect on your skin and things beyond it. People working on cell towers wear protective gear for the fashion statement.

    And right over here I have a popular bridge for sale in Brooklyn. I’m selling it because I’m just tired of counting all the money it makes for me.

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