6-Foot Magnetic Fidget Cable (Glow/3-Pack): $56.99

Magnetic Fidget Cable

Our deal on the Magnetic Fidget Cable is back, only this time it’s the 6-foot version. This Lightning cable has magnets all along its length that allow it to coil automatically. You can also unwind just the amount you need at any given time. Or, you could just play with it—and it glows in the dark. I’m linking to the USB-A-to-Lightning version of the deal, but there are also non-glowing (Black or White) and USB-C options you can choose in the deal listing. Our deal is for a 3-pack of 6-foot cables for $5799. The non-glow models are $56.99 for a three pack.

Check It Out: 6-Foot Magnetic Fidget Cable (Glow/3-Pack): $56.99

One thought on “6-Foot Magnetic Fidget Cable (Glow/3-Pack): $56.99

  • “Our deal is for a 3-pack of 6-foot cables for $5799.” I know it’s a typo and needs a decimal point, but the world is crazy enough for someone to ask nearly six-thousand dollars for a 3-pack of glowing cables. Our government would probably pay that, but not us citizens.

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