Anniversary of Rare Apple-1 Selling at Auction

steve wozniak

A very cool “Today in Apple History” from our friends over at Cult of Mac. Sunday marked the three year anniversary of the extremely rare “Celebration” Apple-1 being sold at auction for $815, 000. Made by Steve Wozniak, it featured blank “green” PCB board that never appeared in public production models.

The Apple-1 was Apple’s first computer. It launched in July 1976, a year before the better-known, vastly superior Apple II. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak started working on the Apple-1 as a hobby, with no goal beyond showing it off to the people at the local Homebrew Computer Club, which he attended. “I did this computer … to show the people at Homebrew that it was possible to build a very affordable computer — a real computer you could program for the price of the Altair — with just a few chips,” Wozniak recalled in his autobiography, iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon. Steve Jobs convinced Woz they should build and sell the Apple-1 rather than giving away the designs.

Check It Out: Anniversary of Rare Apple-1 Selling at Auction

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