Laurene Powell Jobs’ The Atlantic Introducing Paywall

Laurene Powell Jobs

The Atlantic is set to introduce a paywall, The Wall Street Journal reported. The move follows a delayed instigated by majority owner Laurene Powell Jobs. She invested in the 162-year-old magazine through her Emmerson Collective in July 2017. The widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, she reportedly wanted to focus on improving its platform and business events first.

Atlantic President Bob Cohn said that when Ms. Powell Jobs explained the details of her investment plan to the magazine’s managers, they felt delaying the paywall launch made sense. “We were about to make dozens of hires that would ultimately lead to the creation of an even better paywall,” said Mr. Cohn, who is leaving in early September for a fellowship at Harvard. People at the Atlantic said Ms. Powell Jobs has taken a mostly hands-off approach to day-to-day matters, but weighs in on key decisions.

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