Ars Technica spoke with members of the Apple Catalyst team to find out how it works and how it will affect the Mac ecosystem.

Apple seeks to funnel some of its success with the iOS App Store over to macOS using Catalyst. We’ll go over how developers use what Apple has built step-by-step, as well as what challenges they faced. And we’ll share Apple’s answers to our questions about how the company plans to maintain a high standard of quality for Mac apps as an influx of mobile-derived apps hits the platform, what Apple’s long-term plans for cross-platform apps across the entire ecosystem look like, and more.

Check It Out: Apple Catalyst Team Explains How it Works

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  1. gGrant

    Apple’s inability to develop a viable Mac app in 2 years of trying with Catalyst just proves that even Apple can’t find viable Mac developers anymore. This is the real Catalyst news. And folks, it’s dismal. Abandon all hope!

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