Apple Introduces its Latest Product – the iFawn

Oprah Winfrey Announcing Her Involvement with Apple TV+

It is fair to say M.G. Siegler was not particular won over by the ‘It’s Show Time’ event. Having started to put together his thoughts, the longtime Apple watcher (he’s seen every event for the last decade, ) concluded that it was “weird.” He also thought it was way too long. His comments on the new services offered are insightful though.

As expected, there was very little technology in today’s marquee portion (beyond some existing technology and UI polish). It was just about content and star-power. Perhaps my time spent in Hollywood left me more cynical than most, but I found the whole thing silly. Apple unveiled the iFawn — Tim Cook was literally crying on stage with Oprah at one point? Come on.

Check It Out: Apple Introduces its Latest Product – the iFawn

One thought on “Apple Introduces its Latest Product – the iFawn

  • I can’t say I disagree terribly much. News+ looked interesting and it is nice to get the News out here in Canada finally. But the basic app is so limited I’m not bothering with the plus version. I was 90% sure I wouldn’t be using it anyway. The Apple Card I was excited about but it’s not in Canada. If the Apple Pay experience is any guide it will probably be years before it does get up here anyway. The TV stuff was not something I was interested in going in and I’m not interested now. So while I, much to my surprise, did follow the presentation there was very little if anything to interest me.

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