Imagining an Apple Maps Future With Advanced Tech

Macworld put out an interesting article over the weekend. Jason Cross writes about an Apple Maps future with augmented reality and high-precision GPS. Apple has a true Google Maps rival on its hands if it can implement these features. The company is already in the process of overhauling its maps data, and in this hypothetical future, Apple Maps becomes supercharged.

Imagine driving down the highway and being told not just what your next turn is or which lane you need to be in, but getting individualized guidance based on knowing which lane you’re currently in.

Imagine getting walking directions that can tell you when you need to cross the street because [your iPhone] knows you’re on the opposite side from the store you’re looking for. It knows the entrance is around the corner and down the alley, and gives you step by step directions that guide you right to it.

Check It Out: Imagining an Apple Maps Future With Advanced Tech

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