Apple Music Now Lets Artists Share Milestones

Apple Music now allows artists to share various metrics and milestones with their fans, Macrumors reported. These include highs and all-time best number of  plays, number of Shazams, and whether tracks are feature in ‌curated playlists.

The ‌Apple Music‌ for Artists feature generates automatic milestones for artists of all sizes, which artists can highlight on social media networks. Milestones include new highs and all-time bests across Plays and Shazams, and inclusion in ‌Apple Music‌’s curated playlists. Artists will see images celebrating their milestones on their iOS overview page for ‌Apple Music‌ for Artists, and can tap the share icon to open up the share sheet. Users will also see relevant milestones on the song and country detail pages. Milestones can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and Instagram stories. Sharing milestones is a feature that’s limited to artists at the current time and the images can only be accessed through the ‌Apple Music‌ for Artists iOS app.

Check It Out: Apple Music Now Lets Artists Share Milestones

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