Apple Sells Exclusive Satechi USB-C Adapter

Apple is selling a Satechi USB-C adapter exclusively in its store. It has a USB-C power port, USB-A, SD, and microSD readers, and an HDMI port.

The Multiport Pro Adapter comes in space gray and is priced at $70, the same as what Apple’s first-party USB-C adapter normally sells for (but doesn’t have SD readers like Satechi’s new adapter). Notably, Satechi’s Multiport Pro Adapter is the only third-party USB-C hub that Apple is selling.

Check It Out: Apple Sells Exclusive Satechi USB-C Adapter

One thought on “Apple Sells Exclusive Satechi USB-C Adapter

  • Thanks. A bit off-topic, but is there a Thunderbolt 3 adapter-dock-hub with more than two female Thunderbolt 3 ports? A Thunderbolt 3 adapter-cable splitter (1 male connector with 2 or more female ports)? Even a Thunderbolt 3 cable with male to female connectors in such cable? Even a simple Thunderbolt 3 device with male on one side and female on the other to protect Mac Thunderbolt 3 ports when used very frequently?

    If not, why? Is that a Thunderbolt 3 technical limitation or an Intel restriction? There are such devices for USB 3, but not for Thunderbolt 3. Thanks.

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