Apple Shares Entrepreneur Camp Participants’ Inspiring Stories

Apple Entrepreneur Camp Participants

Apple runs an Entrepreneur Camp in which participants are supported to develop and create new products. It shared the story of some of those involved in the program (pictured above).

Hopscotch founder Samantha John wanted to create an app that ignited the imaginations of young girl coders. Hopscotch is a code-learning app that enables kids to learn to think creatively and learn the fundamentals of code by building their own games, art, and stories. Kids and teens can publish their creations to Hopscotch’s fully moderated community where they can can play and learn together. John first learned the power of code through her coursework in college, but she noticed that a lot of her male friends had learned coding much earlier. “I wanted to make something for little me!” says John. “All my male coder friends had learned when they were kids, and it had not been something on my radar. I wanted to change that for the next generation.”

Check It Out: Apple Shares Entrepreneur Camp Participants’ Inspiring Stories

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