Most Apple TV+ Seven Day Trial Users Don’t Buy it

Flixed surveyed Apple TV+ users. It found that 72 percent of those who signed up for a seven-day trial people didn’t purchase it once that trial expired, iMoreĀ reported.

According to their report, they surveyed 1090 Apple TV+ trial users. 73% of those people signed up with a seven-day trial, only 21% got the free year that comes with an Apple device purchase. Half of those surveyed said their trial had expired. Of those whose trial was over, 72% said they did not purchase Apple TV+ after it had expired, with only 28% going on to become paying subscribers. Of the rest whose trials had not yet expired, nearly 60% said they would pay the $4.99 fee once the time came. In comparison to Netflix, only 19% said that the service was either a little or much better. The rest all said that Apple TV+ was either the same, a little worse or much worse than Netflix.

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3 thoughts on “Most Apple TV+ Seven Day Trial Users Don’t Buy it

  • Seems like there is streaming service glut. But that being said. Apple’s service does not have enough content to warrant the price.

    I feel at this point the service should be bundled with Apple Music and Apple arcade to make the entire thing more appealing to prospective customers. You would get a package. Sure apple wouldn’t make money on current customers but a package would maybe draw in new customers during this time of uncertainty and division amongst streaming services.

    Personally I got a free year with the purchase of my new Apple TV so i am in good shape. But would I continue? Not sure yet. Netflix and Amazon already take a steady chunk of money each month and have so much content and new content that most folks would be happy with just those two. Disney has Disney stuff, but that even is not a strong enough draw to me. I think there will ultimately be a shakeup of sorts. Apple is shy of content so it needs creative ways to remain a player.

  • I wonder if they were watching TV on a Mac or iPad and not on TV. I find watching video a better experience on the big screen and plan on keeping Apple TV+ after the year long trial ends.

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