Make Any Headphones Wireless with this Bluetooth Receiver: $19.99

Atech Micro Bluetooth Receiver

Check out the Atech Micro Bluetooth Receiver, a device that turns your wired headphones into wireless headphones. As you can see in the image, it’s quite small, making it easy to carry around, and it’s $19.99 through us.

Check It Out: Make Any Headphones Wireless with this Bluetooth Receiver: $19.99

2 thoughts on “Make Any Headphones Wireless with this Bluetooth Receiver: $19.99

  • OK, comparing it to the Amazon listing (which is about $5 more than this deal) it looks like the car picture is if you want to send music from your phone over bluetooth into a car that doesn’t support bluetooth but does have an aux jack. So, still just a receiver.

    I actually need a transmitter for my use case. Oh well, I’ll look elsewhere then.

  • It looks like this is just one side, right? So it makes wired headphones/earbuds work as if they were bluetooth to connect t a device that supports bluetooth, but it can’t make a wired device and wired headphones talk to each other wirelessly. Am I interpreting this correctly?

    The page calls this a “receiver” not a transmitter, adapter, or some other word. But one of the pictures shows plugging into a car radio, as if this could also be used for the other direction of taking a wired device and letting it transmit to bluetooth headphones.

    Supposing you wanted to convert both sides from wired to bluetooth, does that mean buying two of these? (Or buying one then buy some bluetooth headphones.)

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