There are reports of an alternative App Store that doesn’t require jailbreaking. It’s called AltStore, and it lets you download these alternative apps via a server you install on your Mac. While the developer says that the code for AltStore is open source, that doesn’t mean the apps within are. I urge caution about installing unknown apps outside of the App Store. If they can’t make it through the app review team, there’s probably a reason for that. For example, this quote from the blog:

From the beginning, AltStore was intended to serve as a way for developers to distribute entirely new apps that push the boundaries of iOS in ways not possible with Apple’s app review system.

Hopefully, “pushing the boundaries” doesn’t include apps full of malware.

Check It Out: Be Cautious of AltStore, the New Alternative App Store

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  1. NITRO124

    its really no that bad it can be dangerous downloading some apps but jailbreaking with und0cover is fine

  2. Daniel Radtke

    That’s the only way you can automatically renew the signing certificate…

    If you’re concerned, just make a new Apple ID solely for app signing.

  3. 1252

    “For this distribution method, AltStore requires your Apple ID and password to communicate on your behalf with Apple’s developer servers. I’ve done everything I can to ensure these credentials are handled properly (i.e. it’s never sent to any 3rd party server, only sent directly to Apple for authentication, and then stored securely in the device’s keychain….”

    Ha, this guy thinks that people are really idiots, or the opposite is the case?

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