Photography Software ‘Capture One’ Coming to iPad in 2022

Capture one on iPad 2022

Here is some news from last month that I missed. Capture One is a popular software for photo editing and it will come to the iPad in 2022.

This is the beginning of the roadmap and the possibilities it opens up for us in terms of devices and networking is really fantastic. I’m looking forward to getting this out the door, but really looking forward to what this looks like for the future of Capture One and for the future of photography software.

Check It Out: Photography Software ‘Capture One’ Coming to iPad in 2022

One thought on “Photography Software ‘Capture One’ Coming to iPad in 2022

  • I am a big fan of Capture One Pro, especially since it went native no my M1 MacBook Pro. It really screams now.

    I was a professional photographer until I retired in early 2020 (just in time for staying home for the Pandemic). I used Photoshop every day at work since May of 1992. Once I tried Capture One Pro, I was blown away by the quality of its RAW processing. Better than Adobe by a long shot.

    There’s a free version you can try out if you want. But keep in mind if you want to process multiple types of RAW images (Canon, Nikon, etc., you need to get the full version, not just a version that works with your current camera. It’s all one single software package that can run various versions of the license.

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