AdGuard for Mac Supports M1, macOS Monterey, adds DNS Filtering

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AdGuard for Mac has a new update, and it brings DNS filtering, support for Apple Silicon, and compatibility with macOS Monterey. “From now you needn’t rely on a DNS server provided by your ISP by default, you have the luxury of making choices — cherry-pick DNS servers from known DNS providers or even add custom DNS servers. You can also add domains to DNS blocklist or allowlist and add complicated rules using DNS rules syntax.”

AdGuard for Mac Supports M1, macOS Monterey, adds DNS Filtering

'Total War: ROME REMASTERED' Now Available for M1 Macs

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On Thursday, Feral Interactive announced that Total War: ROME REMASTERED is now available on the Mac App Store, complete with native support for Apple silicon. A rebirth of the genre-defining strategy game, ROME REMASTERED comes with an extensive graphical overhaul and improvements to almost every aspect of gameplay. High definition models, textures and visual effects bring the game world to life on modern displays, with 4K optimization, ultra-widescreen and UHD resolution setting the stage for empires to rise again. Also included are two expansion packs which have been given the same remastering treatment as the main game. Recreate history’s most ambitious military campaign in Alexander, or re-write history as marauders encroach on the gates of Rome in Barbarian Invasion.

‘Total War: ROME REMASTERED’ Now Available for M1 Macs

What Does Apple’s M1 Chip do Differently Than Other Chips?

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M1 chip graphic

In his latest blog post, Howard Oakley has examined the M1 chip to find out what features set it apart from other chips.

The M1 doesn’t integrate main memory, though, which is contained within the package. It’s also unusual in incorporating many coprocessors in addition to the GPU, which provide state-of-the-art facilities for features such as deep learning using neural networks.

New M1 Mac mini Pro Model in the Works

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New M1 Mac mini Pro Model in the Works

As good as the current M1 Mac mini is for most, it lacks the power pros need. There may be a higher-end M1 Mac mini pro model coming soon.

Get a Refurbished M1 iMac Direct from Apple

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refurbished m1 iMac

If you were in the market for an M1 iMac and do not want to pay full retail price, you now have a new option. Refurbished 24 inch M1 iMac models are now available directly from Apple. The model including 512GB SSD storage will cost you $1439, while the same model with 256GB of storage is $1269. The normal retail price of these models is $1699 and $1499 respectively. Of course, Cupertino puts plenty of testing, cleaning, and necessary repair work into its refurbished products. They are backed by a one-year warranty and free delivery and returns.

Video Editor 'DaVinci Resolve' Now 3 Times Faster on M1 Macs

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davinci resolve on M1 Macs

Blackmagic Design announced on Friday that its DaVinci Resolve video editor is now up to three times faster on M1 Macs. It also gives customers up to 30% longer battery life.

DaVinci Resolve 17.3 also supports a new option on Mac computers with M1 for H.265 hardware encoding. Customers can choose to prioritize speed vs quality when rendering, further improving render times up to 65%. Plus, DaVinci Resolve will now decode AVC Intra files using the media engine built into the Apple M1 chip, making decoding and playback faster when working with these file formats.

Travel Tips, Wi-Fi Troubleshooting, and Dave Got Caught! — Mac Geek Gab 885

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It’s always interesting when multiple listeners have the same problem, and today you can listen as John and Dave dig into issues with Mac minis and restarting. We think your two favorite geeks have the answer! And that’s what happens here, you ask questions, we provide answers… and Quick Tips… and Cool Stuff Found, too! Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!