Clubhouse API Open to Scraping Public User Data

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On Saturday, a SQL database containing data of 1.3 million Clubhouse users was posted on a hacker forum. The data included names, user IDs, social media profile names, and other details.

While the data associated with the Clubhouse user base was not acquired as a result of a breach, allowing ‘anyone with an API’ to download public Clubhouse profile information on a mass scale can backfire. For example, data scraping is often used by spammers and phishers to find new victims: they aggregate public contact details and use them for spam lists, robocalls, or social engineering attacks.

It’s not sensitive data but it can be combined with other data hoards that may have sensitive data. Every little scrap of data, while innocent on their own, can be potentially used against you, whether from advertisers or hackers.

Check It Out: Clubhouse API Open to Scraping Public User Data

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