Collection 1 is a Massive New Data Breach

Troy Hunt, creator of the Have I Been Pwned? tool, wrote a blog post about the latest data breach called Collection 1.

Let’s start with the raw numbers because that’s the headline, then I’ll drill down into where it’s from and what it’s composed of. Collection #1 is a set of email addresses and passwords totaling 2,692,818,238 rows.It’s made up of many different individual data breaches from literally thousands of different sources.

To find out if your account credentials were leaked, visit

Check It Out: Collection 1 is a Massive New Data Breach

One thought on “Collection 1 is a Massive New Data Breach

  • Great web site and amazing information. Thank you very much for this Andrew!

    Even though I take great care with my email addresses, it is amazing how they get spammed.

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