Coronavirus Outbreak Might be Actually Reducing Music Streaming

In a somewhat counterintuitive development, the coronavirus outbreak may actually be reducing the amount of music people stream. Quartz had a look at the data.

In Italy, one of the countries hardest hit by coronavirus, the top 200 most streamed songs on Spotify within the country averaged 18.3 million total streams per day in February 2019. Since Italy’s prime minister announced a national quarantine on March 9th, the total streams for the 200 most popular songs have not topped 14.4 million. There was a 23% drop in top 200 streams on Tuesday March 17th compared to Tuesday, March 3rd… The trend is similar in the US. On March 17th, total Spotify streams of top 200 songs fell to 77 million streams. This was the lowest number of top-200 streams in the US for any Tuesday in 2020, and about 14 million streams fewer than just a week before. Total top-200 streams are also down in the UK, France, and Spain as well.

Check It Out: Coronavirus Outbreak Might be Actually Reducing Music Streaming

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Outbreak Might be Actually Reducing Music Streaming

  • Well all servers are stressed and bogging even Youtube as people are forced to stay home and obviously get on the web. A lot of my go to sites take forever to load now. This is another bogus article based on only music streaming which most people don’t do; suppose you want to stream and your servers are out? How do you know that’s not what’s going on in Italy? This is a fake article until they show Italy’s servers were 100% not stressed. If they were fine and then human stream requests decline that’s one thing- not oh, streams are down – that alone means NOTHING. 🛰

  • I stream a lot of Apple + music, and podcasts, when I am out walking. Before Governor Newsome grounded me I walked several hours a day, now I walk 30 minutes and stay within a few blocks of home. I would say that I still stream music at home while I am reading, cooking, doing chores, and such, but I am listening to less podcasts.

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