Jailbreak Store ‘Cydia’ Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple

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The creator of the old Cydia app store is suing Apple, claiming it used anti-competitive means to squash it.

“Were it not for Apple’s anticompetitive acquisition and maintenance of an illegal monopoly over iOS app distribution, users today would actually be able to choose how and where to locate and obtain iOS apps, and developers would be able to use the iOS app distributor of their choice,” the lawsuit alleges. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Northern California and Cydia is represented by Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan.

I don’t see where the anti-competitive part comes in. Cydia was before the App Store, so Apple created that to compete, not “anti-compete.”

Check It Out: Jailbreak Store ‘Cydia’ Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple

4 thoughts on “Jailbreak Store ‘Cydia’ Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple

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  • Andrew:

    Although married to one, I am not a lawyer, however the genesis of this argument, insofar as I can tell, rises from the Stygian pit of an amoral, parasitic sense of entitlement to feed and breed off of another’s substance, without regard to either merit or consequence to the host. Apart from that, it’s perfectly fine.

  • Are manufacturers supposed to open up everything to competitors? should they publish their firmware and blueprints for everything they make so they can be competitive? anti-competitive, really?

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