Google Launching New Health Research App

Google Health Studies app

Google announced on Wednesday the launch of a new research app, The Verge reported. Called Google Health Studies, it seems pretty similar to Apple’s equivalent. The app will allow anyone with an Android phone to take part in medical studies. No surprise, the first still will look at respiratory illnesses like COVID-19.

Participants in the study will use the app to report any respiratory symptoms, the precautions they’re taking to prevent disease, and whether they’ve been tested for COVID-19 or the flu. The app will collect demographic data, like age, gender, and race as well. “Researchers in this study can examine trends to understand the link between mobility (such as the number of daily trips a person makes outside the home) and the spread of COVID-19,” Google wrote in a press release. The app will send data to researchers using a technique called federated learning, which will batch aggregated trends from multiple devices, rather than pull information from each participant individually.

Check It Out: Google Launching New Health Research App

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