Thoughts on Dark Mode in macOS Mojave

512Pixels has a good article wherein the author shares thoughts on Dark Mode in macOS Mojave. As always, Apple puts great thought into its designs, and Dark Mode isn’t just a simple color inversion. At WWDC, Apple introduced guidelines for Dark Mode:

  • Dark interfaces are cool.
  • Dark interfaces are not just inverted.
  • Dark Mode is content-focused.

The result is a darkly beautiful operating system that gives a fresh Mac experience.

As we’ve seen, this is far from a mere inversion of the default Appearance. Apple has gone through and fine-tuned the smallest details to make this work.

For example, the window shadows are different between the Light and Dark Appearance. In Dark Mode, they are a little crisper and slightly more opaque, complete with an inner stroke around the edges of windows to help them appear more defined.

Check It Out: Thoughts on Dark Mode in macOS Mojave

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