Darkroom is the latest app to move to a subscription model. It affects new users only, and current users won’t lose their premium features they paid for.

For new users, Darkroom will cost $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year. And there is still a one-time purchase option at $49.99. Darkroom hopes that a switch to a subscription business model will increase its revenue and thus expand development of the app.

Subscriptions are annoying, but I don’t blame developers so much as Apple. This is exactly what they wanted because it means more money for them. I don’t Apple will ever add upgrade pricing to the App Store. That doesn’t benefit them. Subscriptions are part of Apple’s new Services business, whether the apps are Apple’s own or not.

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  1. gGrant

    Jobs was famously was furious that developers could sell software for Apple computers, and Apple didn’t get a cut. You can see -some- logic there, and The App Store is truly his vision realised. Ka-ching!

  2. 1252

    Subscription is kinda magic.
    Seems that almost no coder cannot resist to this “feature”.
    To find out later that the customers are pissed and move away.

    • gGrant

      Agreed. I pay Overcast what is in my money $12/year, because I use it all day, every day, and it’s’ the only way support the author. All the other software I use comes at a price that I feel is reasonable for how much I use it each day and hopefully supports the developer. I don’t buy subscription software, in both meanings of the word.

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