Apple Releases iOS 14 Developer Beta 6

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Today Apple released iOS 14 developer beta 6 for iPhones, seeding only a week after iOS beta 5, reflecting the OS stability.

Some Developers Use TestFlight as an Unofficial App Store

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Writing for Protocol, David Pierce shares stories from developers who use TestFlight as an unofficial App Store.

TestFlight is not an alternative to the App Store, it’s a staging ground on the way there. Developers told me Apple doesn’t review TestFlight apps very intensively, other than to make sure they’re not fundamentally broken or obviously malicious. And if Apple’s already reviewed, say, version 1.0 of your app, they say it won’t even look at 1.0.1. It doesn’t think of TestFlight as a long-term home for apps.

A cool, clever workaround to the App Store’s strict rules.

Tidbits Managing Editor Josh Centers (#7) - BGM Interview

· John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

Josh Centers on Background Mode.

Josh Centers is the managing editor of TidBITS, as well as the author of many Take Control Books: Notes, Home Automation, Apple TV, co-author of Take Control of Preview. He also published Take Control of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. And he’s recently joined The Prepared as an editor.

In his seventh appearance on the show, Josh explored the new faetures of iOS 14 and what he likes most—as he prepares for his forthcoming Take Control book. The App Libraries feature was at the top of his list. In segment two, Josh and I discussed a major, impressive research article he recently wrote about the often contentious relationship between developers and Apple and its handling of the App Store. We finished with thoughts on a next gen Apple TV 4K.

The Inside Scoop on Developers vs. Apple

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

Developers have been paid more than $70 billion since Apple's App Store launched in 2008

Apple developers have complained for years about various App Store practices and policies. Now, a major work of technical journalism exposes the inconsistencies that allow Apple to justify getting its way.

Apple Extends App Store Connect API Capabilities

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Apple is extending the capabilities of the App Store Connect API for developers, following its redesign of the Connect website in June.

Apple Redesigns App Store Connect Website

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Along with redesigning the Apple Developer app on macOS, Apple has also redesigned the App Store connect website.

Apple Developer Mac App Updated With New UI

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Today Apple released a developer app on macOS called Apple Developer, which matches the iOS app of the same name. In fact, this could very well be the Catalyst version of the iOS app. The reason I think so is because I noticed my “Get App Icon” gave me the iOS icon, even though I used the Mac link. Or, that could mean nothing. The app is meant to be your one-stop guide to developer news, and also a great place to watch WWDC 2020. Stay up to date on the latest technical and community information; browse news, features, developer stories, and informative videos; catch up on videos from past Apple events and download them to watch offline. There’s also an in-app purchase to sign up for the Apple Developer Program.

Apple Developer Mac App Updated With New UI

How to File Great Bug Reports According to Apple

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Apple shared post to its developer page to give advice on how to file great bug reports. It’s also good advice for people who like to beta test Apple software, so bookmark the page once iOS 14 and macOS 10.16 Redwood have been announced (I’m taking this opportunity to make my macOS name prediction).

You should always file feedback for any bugs you find while developing on Apple’s platforms; after all, we can’t fix problems that we don’t know about. But how can you be sure that the information you provide is helpful for triaging the issue, rather than a bug-solving dead end? Here are some of our top tips for making sure your bug report is clear, actionable, and — most importantly — fixable.

GitHub Codespaces Lets You Code Visual Studio on an iPad

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GitHub has a new tool it’s working on called Codespaces. It gives you a full Visual Studio coding experience in a browser. This means it can work on an iPad, Mac, and PC.

Codespaces sets up a cloud-hosted, containerized, and customizable VS Code environment. After set up, you can connect to a codespace through the browser or through VS Code.

I think this is exciting news. I don’t having programming experience but one argument in the “iPad computer replacement” debate is that developers can’t code on it.

GitHub Codespaces Lets You Code Visual Studio on an iPad

Over 750 Courses on AWS, Azure, Python, Linux, SQL, More: $79.99

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Complete Developer & IT Pro Library Bundle

We have a deal on the Complete Developer & IT Pro Library, a collection of more than 750 training courses covering Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python, Linux, SQL, Java, Microsoft, Cisco…and a lot more. The deal is for lifetime access to these courses for $79.99