Apple Gets Head Start on National STEAM Day by Interviewing Seven App Store Developers


National STEAM Day arrives Nov. 8, and to begin the celebration, Apple has interviewed seven developers that offer their experience in app development, coding, and working with the Apple App Store.

As each individual shares their story, Apple is hoping to inspire those looking to enter the world of coding and app development.

Apple Prepping for National STEAM Day by Interviewing Developers

National STEAM Day is Nov. 8, and the day focuses on supporting students wishing to pursue STEAM/STEM fields, which includes science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

In preparation for National STEAM Day, Apple spoke with seven different developers. Apple had them share “their unique journeys that led them to entrepreneurship through app development and the App Store”.

Apple engaged with the following developers:

  • Anne K. Halsall – 2022 Apple Entrepreneur Camp participant – co-founder and chief product officer at Winnie. Winnie helps parents find day-cares and preschools.
  • Amanda Southworth – 2017 and 2018 WWDC Student Scholar – Founder and executive director for Astra Laboratories, a non-profit that helps develop technology solutions that provide “vital resources to marginalized communities”.
  • Sara Mauskopf – Co-founder and CEO of Winnie
  • Akshaya Dinesh – 2018 WWDC Student Scholar – founder and CEO of Spellbound. Spellbound is a tool allowing companies to “embed interactive user experiences directly into their marketing emails”.
  • Nicco Adams – 2021 Apple Entrepreneur Camp participant – Co-founder of Kickstroid. Kickstroid is an app that implement machine learning in-order to help sneaker enthusiasts decide what pair of shoes they may want next.
  • Alandis Seals – Junior developer and assistant instructor for Ed Farm. Ed Farm is a non-profit that looks to encourage both kids and adults to find careers in STEAM fields.
  • David Alston – Co-founder and CEO of Kickstroid.

Looking Ahead

Within these interviews, topics range from curiosity, decision making, community, confidence, mentorship and paying it forward.

Apple ends the press release with a rather poignant quote from Mauskopf:

It’s been now six and a half years of building Winnie, and we built it kind of throughout our childbearing years. It wasn’t really an option for us to wait to have kids till after we were done with our startup because this is a long journey. And if you’re successful, this is a 10-plus-year journey you’re on. If you want to wait till your kids are grown, you’re letting a lot of time and opportunity pass you by.

Apple providing resources for both adults and children to engage more with the fields of STEM is nothing short of a good thing. Not only is coding a useful and beneficial skill, but helping those that can often be overlooked in STEM/STEAM fields is also incredibly important.

Additionally, Apple also conducts the Swift Student Challenge during WWDC. You can find all of the past winners here.

You can read the full interview from the seven developers here.

Are you looking forward to National STEAM Day on Nov. 8? Let us know in the comments.


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