Apple Launches Entrepreneur Camp for Latin Founders

Matheus Fogiatto, Daniela Aires dos Res, and Rodrigo Giglio

Apple has launched an Entrepreneur Camp for Latin founders. Previous camps have focused on women and Black founders. Participants will receive one-on-one code-level guidance from Apple experts and engineers to help their apps. They also receive mentorship, inspiration, and insights from the company’s leaders.

Entrepreneur Camp for Latin Founders

The announcement includes various teams of developers and the apps they are creating.

  • Falou (Brazil). Gabriel Santos, Vitor Marques, and Matheus Medina created Falou to help people become conversational faster by walking through immersive travel simulations.
  • Gamma Fighter (United States). An homage to ’80s-style games like Space Invaders and Galaga, Gamma Fighter is a retro-style arcade game created by solo developer Jorge Briones.
  • Memoria (Brazil). During camp, Apple Developer Academy students Ana Bittencourt Vidigal, Djenifer Renata Pereira, and Gustavo Kumasawa will be working on Memoria, a sharable digital photo album that anchors photos to objects or surroundings.
  • Sinq: Your Fitness Companion (Portugal). Matheus Fogiatto, Daniela Aires dos Res, and Rodrigo Giglio built Sinq as a tool to motivate people to exercise, with the help of a digitized companion.
  • Tripify (Brazil). Alexandre Morgado and Thiago Imolesi built Tripify as a holistic travel app with features to plan trips, manage expenses, register memories, and log places visited.
  • Wakeout! (Guatemala/United States). Andres Canella, Pedro Wunderlich, and Dmitry Ivanov implement a creative approach to movement therapy with their apps Wakeout! and Wakeout Kids.
  • Yoga Wake Up (United States). Joaquín and Lizzie Brown’s Yoga Wake Up app encourages users to replace their morning alarm with easy, audio-guided yoga and meditation sessions.

Alumni of the Entrepreneur Camp have successfully gone on to secure rounds of funding, earn awards, and sell their companies in acquisitions.

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