Developers are Finding That iCloud Sync is Breaking

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iCloud sync is breaking and developers don’t know why. People behind apps such as Tapbots, Cheatsheet, and Streaks vent on Twitter. So far, they say, Apple hasn’t publicly acknowledged the issue.

Update: Jeff Butts of The Mac Observer writes how some developers are adding alternatives to iCloud in their apps.

iCloud Sync is Breaking

Craig Grannell writes about multiple apps he used that all had failures.

A week or so ago, Cloud Battery stopped working for me…Then I needed to use Transloader for something. It worked – at first. Then it started throwing up sync errors…Then Soulver failed — suddenly and very badly. I needed to restart my iMac so was shutting down all my apps. Soulver threw up a permissions error.

A thread in Apple’s Developer Forums shares errors with CloudKit:

I’m facing issue from few days with CloudKit. When I try to fetch any record from Cloudkit it gives me following error:
<CKError 0x6000006ec420: “Service Unavailable” (6/2022); “Request failed with http status code 503”; Retry after 30.0 seconds>
Also, when I try to query records from Cloudkit dashboard I receive “Internal error”. I have not done any write operations.
Please help if anyone has solved this type of error.

And on Twitter, developer Becky Hansmeyer started a conversation. “Ok, there’s clearly an issue going on with iCloud sync right now affecting a lot of users across many different apps. What’s the best way to report this? Radar? I haven’t made any changes to my app since October and users have just recently started reporting sync failures.”

It sounds like the problem has been going on for “months, rather than days”, on and off since May 2021. If you’re a developer finding that iCloud sync is breaking, you’re not alone.

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