Security researchers discover a new form of blackmail from ransomware hackers: They demand nudes instead of money.

While most ransomware strains require monetary compensation in return for a decryptor, Ransomwared is demanding a more unusual payment. Once a computer is infected, a pop up will appear and demand that the victim send the author pictures of “tits” in exchange for an “unlock code.”

Maybe this speaks to my cynicism or just the fact that the world is filled with bad people. But I’m honestly surprised I haven’t heard of this type of ransomware extortion sooner. You could just send random porn, they wouldn’t be able to know if they’re actually your nudes. But they might ask you to hold up a sign with the current date as proof that it’s you. However, what if you just searched online for a nude with a sign, then photoshopped the current date on it? Okay, I need to stop. This is why Charlotte worries about me.

Check It Out: Ransomware Hackers Now Want Your Nudes

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  1. CudaBoy

    Malwarebytes just released a report that states Apple’s desktops and laptops running OSX are being hit with TWICE the amount Malware than PCs now. Almost sounds like an ad but to be sure – be sure. Apple Macs as proven on the web are just as easy to hack and infect as any PC 🍏

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