Yesterday Vice reported on an app called DeepNude. It used machine learning to turn a clothed photo of a women into a naked version. It has since been taken offline.

The developers have now removed the software from the web saying the world was not ready for it. “The probability that people will misuse it is too high,” wrote the programmers in a message on their Twitter feed. “We don’t want to make money this way.” The developers also urged people who had a copy not to share it, although the app will still work for anyone who owns it.

I mean, if we’re being pedantic, you can’t really misuse technology specifically designed for ill intentions unless you try to use it for good intentions, if that’s even possible.

Check It Out: DeepNude App That Could Undress Women Taken Offline

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  1. Macsee

    Obviously, that is all fake. But the technology can be used to restore damaged pictures and movies (which essentially are an optical illusion of many pictures), etc.

  2. geoduck

    The probability that people will misuse it is too high,

    How in the hell could this be used any other way? Seriously, there is no situation where this could be used for good.

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