Trump Administration Talking About Banning Encryption

Image of locks to suggest security and encryption

Politico reports that the Trump administration is in talks about banning encryption, or at least certain forms of it that law enforcement can’t crack.

The encryption challenge, which the government calls “going dark,” was the focus of a National Security Council meeting Wednesday morning that included the No. 2 officials from several key agencies, according to three people familiar with the matter…Senior officials debated whether to ask Congress to effectively outlaw end-to-end encryption, which scrambles data so that only its sender and recipient can read it…

Great. I can’t wait for Russia and China to intercept all of our insecure communications.

Check It Out: Trump Administration Talking About Banning Encryption

5 thoughts on “Trump Administration Talking About Banning Encryption

  • Trump should stop his people (who seem to be uncontrollable at times) from even thinking about doing this. I know he isn’t a tech guy so he may not understand exactly what it would mean from a technical perspective but still… It would hurt the online economy throughout the world. And I know he understands the economy part.

    The NSA can already get into everything so what is the problem with so-called national security? Sounds to me like another red herring, to make an excuse, to then have a desired outcome of less encryption. They have a reason, I just don’t know exactly what the real reason is yet.

    As a Canadian myself, it could also hurt us up here since Apple and many other companies probably are not going to provide two separate types of encryption, one for the US and one for everyone else.

  • Russia and China aren’t interested in most of us. OTOH I’m worried that every two bit hacker will now get access to everyone’s banking information, credit cards, mortgage, etc., etc.

    Oh, right, I’m a Canadian living in Canada. Not my problem.

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