Developer Raises Warning About App Store Scams

Person tapping on the App Store icon using an iPad.

Developer Kosta Eleftheriou thinks there are major scams threatening to ruin the integrity of the App Store. He told The Verge that they are spreading in part because Apple is not enforcing its own rules strictly enough.

“It’s surprising more people don’t know about this. The extent to which this has been going on and is currently going on is absolutely mind-blowing,” Eleftheriou tells The Verge of the magnitude of fraud he says is occurring daily on the App Store. “In particular now with the App Store, which is my main concern, the problem has grown to such an extent that having the rating and review system is making it worse. It gives consumers a false sense of security and a false idea that the app is great as you’re entering it through a glowing App Store page with raving reviews.” His vocal complaints, which have attracted the attention and support of countless other app developers in the iOS community, underscore the increasing tension between Apple and the software makers upon whom it depends.

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