Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s Cybertruck on Thursday. The event was notable for being full of glitches. But, as Cult of Mac, noted, it as also notable for another thing – Mr. Musk used Steve Jobs’ famous “one more thing” trick.

“Oh by the way, we made an ATV,” he said, before it was driven onto the stage. The Cybertruck was shown off during a crazy, science-fiction-style event. The vehicle ranges in price from $39,900 for the base model to $69,900 for the fully kitted-out version. It is scheduled for release in 2020. The demonstration didn’t go entirely according to plan. The vehicle’s “unbreakable” windows broke twice, after which Musk seemed to lose a bit of his stage confidence. However he regained it when it came to the event-closing “one more thing” line. While Musk didn’t say the actual line, he paused, held up a single finger and then let the crowd yell “one more thing.” At that point, the electric ATV was driven on stage. The ATV uses the same design language as the truck. It can be driven on board via an unfolding loading ramp. It can then charge from the truck’s battery.

Check It Out: Elon Musk Used Steve Jobs’ ‘One More Thing’ Trick at The Tesla Cybertruck Launch

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  1. CudaBoy

    Anybody who follows Tesla (who doesn’t? They are the future) knows that Elon has done this before. At the end of the Semi reveal the next Roadster came out of the back astonishing the audience. I predcited a $20 hit on TSLA strictly because of the glass fiasco and alarming design – and I hit it on the head. Perfect time to get back into TSLA before it goes back to over $350 on way to much much more as Shanghai, Model Y and Berlin Giga happen. Todays $20 dive was a huge GIFT to anyone who felt like an idiot and lost out on a $15,000 profit by not buying 100 shares about 2 months ago. Today’s dive was just the optics of the glass fiasco (pun?) and the radical design which will grow on at least 50k people off the bat who will buy that Robo Truck. 🚗⏚

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