Everything You Need to Know About Apple TV+

Just what is Apple TV+? How do you watch content? Are the shows in HD? 4K/UHD? Dolby Vision? Dolby Atmos? How much does it cost? How do you subscribe? All of these questions are answered in our recent article.

Check It Out: Everything You Need to Know About Apple TV+

2 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Apple TV+

  • Apple has quite the talent for parting the clones & drones from their money. $5 per month for 5 shows??
    Compared to just $2 more per month you can get Disney’s service which will net you the Pixar, Disney, Marvel Universe + other’s HUGE database , seems a no brainer if you are the type to pay for junk like TV to begin with that is. I wonder why Apple doesn’t promote reading which is actually good for people rather that mind bendingly dumb “entertainment” -that’s rhetorical clones… 📺

  • John:

    Many thanks for this, and your earlier review.

    I signed my family up for the service this morning, for which we qualify for a 12 month free period, courtesy of the iPhone 11 I got my wife for her BD.

    That said, the other evening, as we were both working at our respective laptops, she opined that life has now become too short, and time too precious, for either of us to devote much of it to recreational television content. We barely squeeze in a movie, sometimes two, over the weekend. I am curious about ‘For All Mankind’, however, I will not be surprised, if in a year, we simply opt out for lack of use.

    Either way, I hope that Apple allow themselves the freedom, and the time, to explore, experiment, and get the formula right before making any hard and fast decisions.

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