Most of us are only heard about a security flaw on FaceTime on Monday and Tuesday. However, MacRumors found that a Twitter user actually tweeted both Apple Support and Tim Cook about the issue a week earlier. They also submitted a bug report, emailed Apple Support, and contacted Fox News. The user said their teen had found the Group FaceTime bug and could listen to a user’s iPhone or iPad without their permission. It all just adds to the embarrassment caused to Apple by this incident.

Twitter user MGT7500 tagged the official Apple Support account in a January 20 tweet claiming that her 14-year-old son discovered a “major security flaw” that allowed him to “listen in to your iPhone/iPad without your approval.” The user also tagged Tim Cook on the issue in a follow-up tweet on January 21.

Check It Out: Group FaceTime Security Bug was Apparently Highlighted by Twitter User a Week Ago

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  1. CudaBoy

    Makes you wonder WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH APPLE? Bunch of LIARS is what. Apple talks security like they actually know something. Apple and sites like this are 99% about ONE THING – iOS – and AND THEY CAN’T EVEN GET THAT RIGHT. God forbid a Samsung or a Google have a problem without the clones here acting like children but when the new iPad bends? OR a security flaw like NO OTHER with APPLE’S SOFTWARE TO BLAME makes national news??? Silence. It’s a damn good thing Apple has no imagination since Jobs died – can you imagine a Car by Apple? Or an autonomous system?? Nope, and apparently 200 fired (from the fake Titan thing) workers don’t think so either.

  2. geoduck

    Just another example of why Twitter is a useless waste of bandwidth. So much crap on there that when something important does come along nobody notices. Here’s an idea, the next time you run into a problem, maybe try to actually contact Apple. They have bug and problem reporting addresses, phone numbers too. You can even do a live chat with an Apple Tech Rep. Tweeting something is like relieving yourself in the ocean. Nobody notices because there’s already so much crap out there.

    If there was a delay I put it all on the idiot that thought Tweeting would accomplish anything.

  3. Lee Dronick

    “a Twitter user actually tweeted both Apple Support and Tim Cook about the issue a week earlier.”

    Oh my Gawd an entire week! How long does it take investigate a report and fix such as problem? This seems like a tempest in a Keurig. /snark

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