Foxconn is Confusing People in Wisconsin

Foxconn plans first U.S. factory for Wisconsin

People in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin may have initially been happy when they heard Foxconn was coming. The company promised  13,000 jobs would be created. But, according to the Verge, things have all got a little confusing.

Mount Pleasant residents engage in Kremlinology based on overheard conversations at local bars and which contractors are seen coming and going from the site, which is heavily patrolled by private security. Even then, appearances can be misleading. Most of the construction that was visible from the roads in Mount Pleasant this winter wasn’t being done by Foxconn, but by government contractors building roads and utilities. As for the innovation centers announced across the state, Foxconn has bought property, but beyond that, much is unclear, including what an “innovation center” actually is.

Check It Out: Foxconn is Confusing People in Wisconsin

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  • I read the whole Verge article. Gotta’ say this is pretty much what I expected. Walker got scammed. They were so eager to get a political boost, they didn’t do due diligence. Trump showing up after all the set up was done to take credit was just icing on the cake. Notice that he doesn’t mention it any more.

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