Here’s the Not So Secret Roadmap for 4K UHD TV


The old, unconsidered notion about 4K UHD TV is that it’s a gimmick by the TV industry. The assumption has been that 4K resolution can’t be utilized unless one sits really close, and the familiar HDTV is good enough. In fact, the industry is about the business of implementing a gradual, exciting technology roadmap. While this means that 4K UHD TV will be gradually including more advanced technology elements than simple resolution improvement, it also means buyers will have to be careful when and how they migrate away from older equipment. It’s all on Friday’sHere’s the Not So Secret Roadmap for 4K UHD TV

Check It Out: Here’s the Not So Secret Roadmap for 4K UHD TV

2 thoughts on “Here’s the Not So Secret Roadmap for 4K UHD TV

  • CudaBoy. Maybe you were looking at an LED backlit LCD display with matrix/array backlighting that could go black in various zones. But HDTV’s had that too. Quantum Dots provide a better color gamut, but I don’t know that the drive to black can ever be really solved with side lit LCD displays. They cannot block the backlight completely. (They can do better if the response time is sacrificed.) This is why I’m personally sold on LG’s OLED, the closest thing yet to my old, beloved Plasma.

  • Maybe YOUR assumption pal, but parts of asia and europe already broadcast 4k. A year ago I went to Frys to see what all the fuss is about and the first thing you realize from TWENTY FEET AWAY is the BLACKS are WAY darker than HD bringing a much more dynamic color gamut.

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