How Walk-in Closets Helped Get Ted Lasso on Apple TV+

Jason Sudeikis Ted Lasso

COVID-19 restrictions have impacted huge swathes of the entertainment industry, and Apple TV+ is no different. In a fascinating interview with The Wrap, Ted Lasso supervising sound editor Brent Findley how he recorded Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) remotely.

Findley shipped professional recording equipment to members of the cast, and then from his home in Los Angeles, was taken on tours inside the residences of the mostly London-based cast, sleuthing for the best place to record.  “In doing ADR with actors normally, it’s only a voice relationship,” he said. “I’m in a studio and they’re in a studio. So this was actually a nice consolation prize amid the pandemic. Everybody got to wave and say hello to each other. And we all got comfortable with it pretty quickly because we were all stuck at home. It became, as it did for a lot of people, an outlet to socialize.” Over the spring and summer, Findley recorded the dialogue of 42 different actors. Across the spectrum, one thing proved to be universally true about the experience: There is one room in the home most rewarding as a mock studio. “A walk-in closet is the best homemade vocal booth that exists,” he said pointedly.

Check It Out: How Walk-in Closets Helped Get Ted Lasso on Apple TV+

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